Actions that back

Actions that back up the words and words that are congruent with the actions. People of integrity and honesty. People we can trust. That’s what we look for in our leaders.
James Kouzes and Barry Posner, one of the best-known teams of management experts in the United States and authors of The Leadership Challenge, performed a survey of several thousand people around the world and several hundred case studies. They found that honesty was the most frequently cited trait of a good leader, so frequently cited that they wrote a separate volume about it, called Credibility: How Leaders Gain and Lose It, Why People Demand It.

It doesn’t matter how noble or worthwhile your cause; if you haven’t earned people’s trust by constantly keeping your word and being true to your values, people won’t follow you too far. They may follow you to a point, but when the going gets tough, they’ll start to hang back or look around for another leader. You may tell followers that despite the obstacles, the goal is achievable and that you will back them up 100 percent.
言葉を裏付ける行動と行動に適合する言葉。誠実さと正直さを持つ人。私たちが信用できる人。それが、私たちがリーダーに求めるものです。ジェームズ・クーゼスやバリー・ポスナーは、アメリカでマネージメントのエキスパートとして最もよく知られたチームの1人と世界で数千人もの人々の調査と数百もの症例研究を行ったThe Leadership Challengeの著者である。彼らは、正直さは良きリーダーの特徴として最も頻繁に引用されるものであることを発見し、それについて別冊「Credibility(信頼性)-リーダーたちがどのようにして信頼性を得たり失ったりするのか、なぜ人はそれを求めるのか。」を書いたということも頻繁に引用した。