All of us need a..

All of us need a purpose. Work without purpose (even if it takes great skill) can become mindless, heartless drudgery. Add purpose, even to so-called grunt work, and our work lives take on an expanded, even inspired dimension.
Noah, a novice shipbuilder if ever there was one, was spurred on by an ennobling purpose—the knowledge that he was going to save enough of the sinful world so that it could continue to survive after most catastrophic natural disaster it had ever experienced.

Abraham’s purpose was to establish and spread the radical belief that there was one God whose spirit permeated and unified the entire universe. Until his time, the universe was thought to be split into many compartments, each of which had its own reigning force or ‘‘god

Moses’ great goal was to lead the Hebrews out of Egyptian slavery to the edge of the Promised Land. Joshua’s goal was to lead them in. Solomon’s was to build a temple, not for his own glory, but for the glory of a higher power and purpose. And the goal of the prophets was that each in his own way would keep an entire nation from straying from its original purpose.