Grant took the Duke..

Grant took the Duke of Edinburgh's ignorance in good part, but it was symptomatic. Even locked up in Buckingham Palace, the
Queen's consort must have occasionally looked out of the window or read the papers, and been aware that about 6 per cent of the English population isn't white and could not in any sense be said to belong to an English, Scots or Welsh 'race'. (Neither, of course, can he: on marrying Princess Elizabeth, Prince Philip had been required formally to renounce his claim to the Greek throne and to stop using his title from the House of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glucksburg.) But in a gathering of politicians from around the globe he was unable to imagine that his own adopted country could be represented by someone with a black skin. You can imagine the Duke, whose ability to make clumsy comments is legendary, telling the story against himself in the exclusively white circles of Bucking-ham Palace, doubtless proving that 'they all look the same'. To her credit, the Queen did a lot better when she was introduced, immediately volunteering, in a splendid reversal of roles, You're Bernie Grant, aren't you? I've seen you on the telly.'