‘‘I am the bridegroom’s..

‘‘I am the bridegroom’s friend and am filled with joy at his success.’’ ( John, referring to Jesus, John 3:30)
‘‘After me will come one who is more powerful than I, whose sandals I am not fit to carry.’’ (Luke 3:15)
‘‘I am not the Christ or Elijah, but am sent ahead of him . . . He must become greater; I must become less.’’ ( John 3:28)
Of course, what inspired such humility in the disciples was the extraordinary humility of the ‘‘CEO’’—Jesus himself. He was a master at humbling himself and giving credit to his ‘‘team.’’ When they tried to wash his feet, he also insisted on washing theirs. There are a number of modern leaders who also realize that without their followers, their achievements would have been very humble indeed.

『私は花婿の友人で、彼の成功に喜びでいっぱいだ。』(ジョン、ジーザス参照、ジョン 3:30)
『私の後は私よりもっと強力で、私はその器には到底収まらないだろう。』(ルーク 3:15)
『私はキリストでもエリヤでもないが、彼より優位だ…。彼はもっと偉大になるに違いない;私はより劣るに違いない。』(ジョン 3:28)