In biblical times..

In biblical times and in modern corporations, people have enthusiastically followed leaders who cared about them. ‘‘They don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care’’ is not an empty cliche ́. Again and again, it has been shown that true caring creates more employee loyalty and (ironically) better ‘‘hard’’ results than cold exhortations to do more and produce more.
Morgan McCall and Michael Lombardo have done extensive research on ‘‘success factors’’ and ‘‘derailers’’ for managerial success. The two top derailers are:
1. Insensitivity to others, abrasive, intimidating, bullying style 2. Coldness, aloofness, arrogance

1.他人に無神経、角々しい、威圧的、弱い者いじめ的 2.冷たさ、よそよそしさ、傲慢さ