Pickles and ice cream..

Pickles and ice cream. Humility and leadership. Some things don’t seem to fit together very well initially. I once heard an experienced secretary in a large accounting firm comment on a young accountant’s self-effacing personal style, at first
in an approving way because it made him so ‘‘easy to work with,’’ but then adding in a whisper, ‘‘But he’ll never make partner unless he loses some of that humility and puts on some arrogance.’’

The whole issue of ‘‘pride versus humility’’ is an ongoing paradox for leaders in all types of organizations and at all levels. How do you get to a position of leadership, especially in highly competitive organizations, if you don’t have some personal ambition? How can truly humble persons advance to a position of influence and authority? And what will happen when they get there? The meek may inherit the earth, but can we be sure they will stay meek when they get it? Are leaders ‘‘just like the rest of us’’ or are they ‘‘better’’ or more valuable in some indefinable way?

『プライド vs 謙遜』の問題は、どの組織やレベルでもリーダーたちにとって進行中のパラドックスである。どうやってリーダーという立場に到達するのか、特に競争率の高い組織で、もしあなたに野心がないとしたら?影響力や権力のある地位に立って、どうやって人に忠実に謙遜させるのでしょう?そして、そこに到達したときにどうなるでしょう?おとなしさは地球を存続できるかもしれないが、そのときおとなしいままでいることに確信を持てるだろうか?リーダーたちは『残った他の者たちのよう』か『より優れている』か、または定義できない何かもっと価値があるものか?