So first..

So first, a few words about Steinbeck. He was born in the first decade of the 20th century, went to Stanford University but dropped out, went to New York, was a construction worker and a newspaper reporter there, among other things, then returned to California, took up writing and eventually wrote 27 books. The Grapes of Wrath is probably his most famous. It was a best-seller in its time, and won the Pulitzer Prize in 1940. Some of you may have also read Of Mice and Men or East of Eden. He grew up in the Salinas Valley of California and used that in many of his books. He was brilliant at evoking a sense of place.
His books often dealt with the economic and social issues. They show a strong anti-capitalist streak, and great sympathy for the working poor. He went on to win the Novel Pries in 1962. It was a controversial decision. Many didn't think he deserved it. He didn't think he deserved it. But today, many would disagree. He is definitely a vital part of the American canon now.
ステインベックについてまずいくつか。彼は20世紀最初の10年に生まれ、スタンフォード大学に行ったが中退しニューヨークへ行き、建設作業員や新聞レポーターなどをし、その後カリフォルニアに戻り物書きを再開、最終的に27冊もの本を書いた。Grapes of Wrath(怒りのブドウ)はおそらく彼の作品の中で一番有名な本です。この本は当時ベストセラーとなり、1940年にピューリッツァー賞を受賞した。Of Mice and Men や East of Eden を読んだことがある人も中にはいるでしょう。彼はカリフォルニアのサリナスバレーで育ち、その頃のことが本の中でも描写されている。彼は場所の感覚を想起することでは才能があった。